November 5, 2016


Marcia Barlow
Advocacy and Policy Expert
President, Story Institute Vice President of International Programs for United Families International. She is an author of the United Families International’s series: Guide to Family Issues and directs the development and updating of the UN Negotiating Guide. She holds a Master’s Degree from Harvard University (Kennedy School of Government) where she specialized in public policy. Marcia and her husband, Greg, have three children and six grandchildren.
Alan Neves
Advisory Board Member
Alan Neves is a Southern Utah University graduate in broadcast journalism. He also has a Master of Fine Arts from the University Of Utah, where he studied film and media arts, with an emphasis in documentary production. He comes to BYU from KSL Television where he has worked for the past 23 years in a variety of assignments in storytelling, television news production, satellite truck operations, and others. Before that, he worked at KUTV News. He is a 3 time Emmy winning photojournalist, and has covered news and documentary assignments in many places all over the world. He has had a roll in 30+ documentaries over the years for KSL, and others as part of freelance efforts. His favorite shooting location has been Jerusalem, with its unique religious influence and culture, past and present.
Carol Rice
Narrative Expert
Vice-President, Story Institute Director of Communications and Outreach for United Families International. Her career in sales and marketing has specialized in training and using the power of story. She has helped thousands of organizations and individuals share their stories. For over ten years she ran her own, successful on-line publishing company and has worked with the most prestigious storytelling organizations in the country; as Finance Chair for National Storytelling Network, Outreach Executive Director for Timpanogos Storytelling Institute and in Business Relations with the International Storytelling Center. Carol and her husband, Scott, have five children and two grandchildren.
Wendy Wixom
Graphic Design
Secretary, Story Institute U.N. Representative for the International Organization of Families and has a Bachelors Degree from BYU-I. Her expertise includes graphic design and website design. Wendy and her husband, Brad, also a U.N. Representative for the International Organization of Families, are working on an initiative to protect families around the globe from the epidemic of pornography. The two of them co-authored a chapter of the book, "Family Capital and the SDGs -- Implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals." Wendy finds her greatest joy spending time with Brad, their five children and their spouses, and their grandchildren.
Angela Fallentine
Research and Policy
New York-based writer who focuses on family, religious and social issues. She is also an analyst specializing in UN Research & Strategic Development for United Families International. For the past thirteen years, she has worked in international and public affairs in both the private and public sector. Angela received an S.A. degree from BYU-I, a B.S. degree in Journalism from Utah State University, and is currently pursuing an M.A. degree in Human Security and Peace-building. She and her husband, John, are passionate about protecting and strengthening the family and are excited to be a part of the Global Story Institute.
Anne Metcalf
Branding Expert
Product manager and public outreach specialist for Anne oversees the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of learning and training products for FamilySearch. Anne’s has done instructional design for Zions Bank as well as independent consulting projects. Her skill set includes social networking and blogging, technical writing, and graphic software and media.
Amanda Oaks
Amanda is a graduate of Brigham Young University Law School with a focus on international law and family policy, and is a UN representative for Sustainable Families Group. Together, she and her husband, Sterling, share a passion for humanitarian work and philanthropy and have worked extensively with various aid organizations such as A Child’s Hope Foundation, PACDOC (Preahatit Community Development Organization of Cambodia), the Stella Harris Oaks Horizon of Hope Scholarship for single mothers, and the Utah Diaper Bank. Amanda serves on the Board of Directors for the Starfish Foster Home, a Chinese foster home that specializes in aiding medically fragile infant and toddler orphans. Amanda and Sterling are the parents of five children.
Leigh Anne Wilkes
Social Media Expert
Founder/Creator of the successful blog “” She has been a pioneer in the “Mommy blogger” world. (More to follow)
Abram Rice
On Campus Representative