July 12, 2017


As an intern with Global Story Institute, you will have the opportunity to work closely with, and be mentored by, award-winning professionals in the research and communications industries, while creating dynamic portfolios for relevant cultural issues.

Global Story Institute (GSI) was created to provide tools (language, narrative, memes, photos, graphics, infographs, facts and research, short videos, music, social media tools) to individuals and organizations desiring to promote and protect the family. Join our team!

Seeking qualified Interns

  • Interns should be highly creative and proficient in writing, messaging, and marketing skills.
  • Interns will be required to study and become knowledgeable regarding specific policy issues. (Policy and specific issues training will be provided by the GSI Leadership team.)
  • Interns must be able to think through and analyze complicated topics that intersect such hot button issues as free speech, religious freedom, LGBT, family structures, the role of governments, and other controversial cultural messages and issues.
  • During a semester, individual interns and intern teams (2-3 individuals) will generate at least one portfolio of materials and media tools (a marketing campaign) on an assigned topic.
  • Depending on time of year, interns may attend legislative sessions or a United Nations conference/commission – with opportunities to present their work.


Global Story Institute (GSI) was established as a nonprofit to focus the combined, volunteer talent and expertise of a broad array of professionals (policy experts, story tellers, word smiths and graphics creatives) to create narratives designed to positively articulate traditional values in a secular manner by utilizing all technologies and media currently available. BYUI offers a compelling opportunity for Global Story Institute to engage creative young talent who have a fundamental understanding of core values combined with a comfort level and knowledge of how to effectively communicate through all of the relevant mediums and media channels of our day.


Global Story Institute work product will be designed as an open resource for individuals, groups, news services and constituencies to learn about, conceptualize and articulate positive and accurate information into settings as intimate as a personal communication or as broad as public policy statements and legislative initiatives. In a broad sense our objective is to influence the language that undergirds our culture and the many attendant policy issues affecting our society.

Distribution Channels

Potential venues for the dissemination of the group work product will range from an international body such as the United Nations and/or local, state or national legislative, news services and policy entities.  Global Story Institute has direct channels to domestic and international pro-family organizations who are seeking additional help in creating narratives and messaging tools. Additionally, a group may work to develop and introduce a meme into the broader culture designed to influence the dialogue of a critical public issue.